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Traveling With CBD: Know the Risks Before You Leave

To most people, COVID-19 is the biggest travel concern. But depending on where you go, another term that starts with “C” can land you in worse trouble – much worse, as one U.K. man recently learned.  There’s no denying that CBD oil and other cannabinoid products increasingly find acceptance throughout the industrialized world. But not […]

The Easiest CBD Gummies You’ll Ever Make

CBD gummies are some of the most popular cannabis edibles. Why wouldn’t they be? They’re easy to dose, convenient, and – most importantly – delicious. That’s why Tessera Naturals is proud to offer them. But for some of us, our love for CBD gummies might inspire something homemade. While these products are popular on store […]

Does CBD Help With Epilepsy? Clearing Up the Confusion

CBD’s anti-seizure benefits are well documented. A breakthrough in cannabis research led to the creation of Epidiolex, the first CBD prescription drug.  CBD changed the lives of so many children with severe epilepsy, moving them from a state of bedridden cognitive impairment to living markedly better lives. This is all great to hear, but there’s […]

Is Delta-8 THC Safe? Recent Health Reports Paint a Darker Picture

Delta-8 THC might not be as safe as we thought.  When the product first appeared on the market, hemp CBD manufacturers and consumers alike were delighted. Milder intoxication, similar reported health benefits, and legal ambiguity let you have your cake and eat it too. But the product’s association with delta-9 THC soon put it in […]


Current evidence for cannabis’ effectiveness at treating PTSD is largely anecdotal. But relaxing attitudes about the drug and the emergence of non-prescription hemp CBD caught  researchers’ attention.  While CBD (or THC) is certainly no substitute for psychological therapy, it definitely reduces a lot of the superficial symptoms of PTSD, helping many people lead better lives. […]

Does CBD Oil Expire? Everything You Need to Know to Make CBD Go the Distance

You (hopefully) do this with every visit to the grocery store. Regardless of the food in question, checking its expiration date is essential for quality and safety.  Naturally, your eagle eye for freshness should apply to unregulated products, like health supplements. In most cases, even unregulated products have the good sense to add expiration dates […]

Is Hemp a Secret Solution to Our Carbon Problem?

Hemp is a hardy and highly adaptive plant that has been grown for thousands of years. The plant was used to make fabric, rope, sails and paper (among other things). Hemp can be grown in such a variety of climates and soil conditions that mass production will be a breeze. To our ancient ancestors, cannabis […]

CBD Oil for Pain: Everything You Need to Know

Although CBD is new to the mainstream market, the Cannabis sativa L. plant has been a part of medicinal remedies throughout history. The earliest recorded use was around 2700 B.C.E.  So why the history lesson? Because today, pain is one of the broadest and most common symptoms potentially treatable with CBD. One survey by the […]

Why You Need to Choose Nano CBD for Dogs

  Although the benefits of CBD for dogs haven’t received much research, it’s easy to find a dog owner who swears by them. Like us, dogs have endocannabinoid systems, as do cats and fish and amphibians according to one study. The point is many – if not most – vertebrates could respond to CBD (and […]