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Looking Ahead: What’s in Store for CBD in 2022?

Last week, we looked at CBD’s potential role in this seemingly endless pandemic. While it may not be the miracle cure a lot of people want, it certainly raises some questions about other ways COVID-19 might affect the CBD industry. Understandably, media focus is mostly on the human element, such as number of infections and […]

Can CBD Treat COVID-19? What’s Changed Since 2020

In March of 2020, we took a look at the novel coronavirus and CBD’s place in the pandemic – if any. To say a lot has changed would be an understatement.  Although a lot of uncertainty remains, we’ve managed to unravel a lot of the mystery behind COVID-19. Unfortunately, the virus quickly skips ahead researchers, […]

Can CBD Help Treat Alcoholism?

Alcohol use disorder (a.k.a. “alcoholism”) is one of the most common – and notorious – addictions, affecting roughly 15 million people in the U.S. every year. What’s even more alarming is that just 10% of those with alcohol use disorder obtain treatment. There are many reasons people don’t seek help, such as economic and environmental […]

Is CBD Safe for Kids?

Whenever a new medication or supplement becomes popular, safety questions inevitably follow. But while adults happily use CBD, you may find some of those same people feeling reluctant to serve CBD to children. This stance isn’t unreasonable. Children can’t consume every food, supplement, or medicine that we use. Consequently, concerns are bound to pop up […]

Can CBD Help You Quit Smoking?

Cannabis was – and still is – a controversial product. Even today, CBD’s association with “marijuana” is an unnecessary blemish on its record. Ironically, this attitude is just as likely to exist among cigarette smokers.  But thanks to rigorous public education, cigarette consumption is at an all-time low in the U.S., with the most recent […]

CBD Scams Using “Shark Tank” Show’s Name to Sell Fake Products

It’s hard to imagine organized CBD scams. Usually, when we think of these operations, images of fake website links, Nigerian princes, or someone from “the IRS” and “Windows” come to mind. Although typical scams are very real (and annoying), CBD seems to have also taken a page from their book. Of course, unscrupulous companies aren’t […]

With Cannabis Legalization Spreading, What Does This Mean for CBD Supplements?

The 2018 Farm Bill was a groundbreaking moment for hemp CBD supplement industry. Federal legalization of industrial hemp took it out of the crossfire between law enforcement and hemp’s more sinister THC-laden counterpart.  But now with states like Montana and New York moving on with full cannabis legalization, how does that impact hemp CBD? Will […]

Does CBD Make You Feel Sick? Why this Happens and How to Solve it

We all know at least one person with an “iron stomach.” No matter what they eat, their bodies carry on like they just had a salad. Or perhaps they’re able to drink everyone else under the table.  Of course, these aren’t healthy habits – but they illustrate an important point. Body and brain chemistries vary. […]

Which CBD Option is the Best? A First-Timer’s Guide to CBD Products

We’ve come a long way since CBD’s early days. Initially, customers had a few suppliers to choose from. Now, vendors are endless, as are the product choices they offer. Gone is the era of untested, crudely-made CBD oil. Although oil is still a staple – if not the backbone – of cannabidiol sales, customers now […]

Could CBD Help Fight Lung Cancer? The Remarkable Results of a Promising New Case Study

People have claimed (and continue to say) CBD helped slow down or even cure various forms of cancer. Unfortunately, the only sources they cite are their own experiences. While we can’t ignore anecdotal evidence, a lofty claim like this needs further investigation. Unfortunately, studies on CBD for cancer barely scratch the surface – until now.  […]