Tessera Naturals Launches CBD Affiliate Program Offering Generous Commissions on Referrals

PRWEB – AUSTIN, Texas – February 27, 2020

Tessera Naturals, seller of premium broad spectrum CBD products, has launched a new CBD affiliate partner program. Through an affiliate partnership, current customers, content creators, wellness bloggers, influencers and anyone with a following can become a Tessera Naturals affiliate and immediately begin earning double digit commissions for referring friends, family and followers.

Since launching in early 2019, Tessera Naturals has already reached thousands of people interested in holistic wellness and whole plant supplements. Olga Cohen, Co-founder of Tessera Naturals says “It’s more than just providing the highest quality CBD products possible. Educating others and promoting a healthy lifestyle is our mission and also a community effort, so we wanted to create a profitable partnership with the people who are already experiencing the amazing benefits that CBD can provide.”

The Tessera Naturals affiliate program offers members an aggressive 25% commission on all sales generated through their unique affiliate link. Members will have access to their individual affiliate dashboard that tracks all referrals and commissions on sales generated. The more referrals that make a purchase through their link, the higher the commission with truly unlimited potential. As an added incentive, affiliates can also have their own discount coupon code that they can share with their followers to encourage more sales.

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About CBD 

CBD or “Cannabidiol” (pronounced Cana-bih-DIE-all) is one of 100+ natural compounds found in the cannabis plant called “cannabinoids”, and have been used for their medicinal qualities for ages. While THC is the most famous cannabinoid for its ability to get you high, CBD is a rising star for its ability to holistically treat symptoms associated with many health conditions, without any intoxicating effects. CBD derived from hemp has been deemed federally legal by the 2018 Farm Bill, as long as it contains less than .3% THC.

About Tessera Naturals

Tessera Naturals is a family owned and operated company based in Austin, Texas and offers premium quality broad spectrum hemp-based CBD products with 0% THC. All products are made from organically grown USA hemp and are 3rd party tested for potency and safety.

Tessera Naturals is passionate about educating the community on health and wellness and is committed to giving back by supporting various non-profit organizations. It also offers senior citizen and military discounts. All Tessera Naturals products can be purchased online with a 100% money-back guarantee and free shipping.

To Sign up as an affiliate, please visit our CBD affiliate partner program page.

Does CBD Work Without THC?

A recent wave of media attention for CBD, scientific studies, and anecdotal evidence has caused a surge of mainstream interest in cannabis.  As the popularity of cannabis, hemp and CBD has grown, there are still many questions and misunderstandings about the plant and its compounds, including does CBD work without THC (hint… yes).

Here we will dive into this common question, and look at whether THC is even necessary at all to make CBD more effective.

A Refresher on CBD and THC

CBD, short for “cannabidiol”, is one of 113+ chemical compounds uniquely found in cannabis.  While THC is the most famous cannabinoid for its intoxicating effects, CBD offers many health benefits but does not cause the psychoactive “high” often associated with cannabis. These compounds, along with other aromatic chemicals called terpenes, have many known medicinal benefits.

There are two different varieties of the cannabis plant, marijuana and hemp.  CBD can be derived from either marijuana or hemp. While marijuana is bred for its high concentration of THC, hemp has only trace amounts of THC, but has a high concentration of CBD.  Most of the CBD products you see on the market today are derived from hemp.

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When CBD oil is extracted from hemp, it will contain mainly CBD, but will also have the trace amount of THC, as well as other minor cannabinoids and terpenes found in the plant.  This is what is known as a full spectrum CBD extract.

Tessera Naturals offers broad spectrum CBD, which takes the full spectrum extract and selectively removes the THC, while still maintaining the rest of the spectrum of minor cannabinoids and terpenes.

Does CBD Alone Work?

As more and more research emerges, there are literally thousands of studies on CBD pointing to its efficacy on its own.

A clinical trial published in May of 2017 tested the effects of CBD for the debilitating epileptic condition, Dravet’s Syndrome. The trial discovered that CBD alone reduced seizures by half in 43% of patients who were given the medication.

In June of 2018, the FDA approved a CBD-only medication called Epidiolex, predominantly for these seizure cases.

THC free CBD oil is also being considered as a natural holistic alternative treatment for many other conditions such as pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, diabetes, neurological disorders, auto-immune deficiencies and addiction treatment.

Is Combining Cannabinoids Better than Isolating them?

When consuming various cannabinoids together, it promotes what is known as the “entourage effect” benefiting our endocannabinoid system better than isolated cannabinoids.  The various cannabinoids and terpenes work synergistically, enhancing each other’s properties and creating a 1 + 1 = 3 scenario.

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When it comes to specifically including THC as part of the extract, some studies have shown THC and CBD work better together (along with other minor cannabinoids and terpenes). In more severe cases it may be best if you use a product that combines CBD and THC, and some will argue that consuming them together is the best method.

That being said, many conditions respond well to CBD alone, so for many people, THC-free CBD has great benefits and may be all that you need. It all depends on the individual, your overall health and what symptoms you’re trying to treat.

Reasons to Avoid THC?

There are benefits from both THC and CBD.  As we’ve stated above, THC is not needed to activate CBD as some have suggested, but in some cases a combination of both THC and CBD may be a more effective treatment.

That being said, there are many reasons why some may want to (or need to) avoid THC in their CBD products. For example, in some states and jurisdictions, THC is still illegal, even in the trace amounts found in hemp, even though CBD is federally legal according to the 2018 US farm bill.

There are also physical and emotional reasons to avoid THC as well. If you’re someone who has had negative experiences with THC in the past and/or is prone to anxiety, paranoia, or other conditions that might be aggravated by the psychoactive cannabinoids, then a THC-free CBD products may be the best option for you.

If you’re using CBD to treat conditions that THC can sometimes worsen for some people (such as anxiety), you should choose a THC-free option to avoid having the opposite of your desired effects.

Again, you do not need THC to use CBD. CBD can work great by itself, and even better in combination with other non psychoactive cannabinoids and terpenes found in hemp, minus the THC (broad spectrum CBD).

A Word on CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is a singular extracted compound that contains pure CBD only. CBD isolate may be a good choice for those seeking extremely high doses of CBD, or for those seeking relief from conditions that only CBD can provide.

Other than those rare cases, it’s been shown that CBD isolate is not as effective as full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD as it lacks the many benefits that the amazing hemp plant provides, specifically with combining the minor cannabinoids and terpenes.

We feel that nature knows best and that it’s always better to consume products that contain raw ingredients as close to their natural unaltered state as possible.

Close up of hemp leaf. is thc necessary for cbd products to work? does cbd and thc work better together? is broad spectrum cbd just as good as full spectrum cbd? is full spectrum cbd better than cbd isolate?

What About CBD Dosing?

When it comes to dosing CBD, there is much confusion as there is no standard recommended dose as of yet.  CBD is very individualistic and some are more sensitive to its effects than others. How much CBD you should take also depends on various factors such as weight, lifestyle, symptoms, severity, etc.

An interesting study referenced by Project CBD, point to one very important take-away – CBD Isolate vs. full spectrum CBD states that CBD on it’s own works on a bell-curve, while full-spectrum CBD works on a linear scale.

In other words, more is not better with isolated CBD products.  There is a sweet-spot on dosing and it may stop working as effectively if you take too much. If you’re using a full-spectrum CBD products derived from cannabis containing THC, more may be better.

In the end, even though you can’t really overdose on CBD, each consumer will need to experiment until they find the most effective does for them and their symptoms.

Visit our free online CBD dosage calculator to help you get a good starting point by entering your weight, condition and severity.

So Does CBD Work Without THC?

As we’ve seen, CBD can be effective is various formats, from full spectrum, broad spectrum and even CBD isolate in certain cases. Bottom line is that CBD will work without THC. CBD does not “need” THC to work, but it all depends on the individual’s conditions, severity and genetics.

Each person will need to experiment with the various forms of CBD to find the right product for them. If they live in a state which allows medicinal and/or recreational marijuana, they may even want to try a higher THC product to see if it alleviates their symptoms more effectively than CBD oil.

Key Takeaways

  • Cannabis contains 113+ cannabinoids and terpenes that work synergistically together for enhanced benefits.
  • THC is not needed to “activate” CBD as some have suggested.
  • There may be some symptoms where having a small amount of THC will work better than CBD alone, but not for the majority of cases.
  • Some may need to avoid THC for legal, physical or emotional reasons.
  • Full spectrum CBD and broad spectrum CBD are more effective than CBD isolate due to the entourage effect.
  • Each person will need to experiment to learn which product is best for them and their individual needs to determine whether or not CBD works without THC for them.

Can You Buy CBD Oil on Amazon? (Hint…no!)

While many people say they buy their CBD oil on Amazon, what they probably don’t realize is that they may not be getting any actual CBD at all.

According to Amazon’s own policy, Amazon does not sell CBD hemp oil as CBD products are prohibited on their platform. So why then, if you search for CBD oil on Amazon, you’ll see thousands of hemp products listed? Upon closer look, you’ll notice they’re all labeled “hemp oil” or “hemp extract” or something similarly vague.

What is Hemp Oil?

These “hemp oil” products are most likely made from hemp seed oil. While Hemp seed oil has many benefits, it does not contain any significant amounts of CBD. They will not list “CBD” on the label, nor will they list any amount of actual CBD contents.

While some CBD companies may have decided to strip their label of mentioning “CBD” in order to get listed on Amazon, and the products may in fact contain some CBD… you won’t know how much, if any, it actually contains.

Unfortunately, by Amazon allowing these search results to be associated with CBD, we feel it is very misleading and is compromising the safety of consumers as well as wasting their money!

What’s Wrong with Amazon? Why Won’t They Allow CBD Oil Products?

Nothing is wrong with Amazon… We love Amazon!  Our family receives packages almost daily on our doorstep from Amazon… sometimes we forget what we ordered so it feels like Christmas every day!

Why else do we love Amazon?  Like most people do, whenever we’re out shopping for a product in the real world, we often pull out our phones and check it on Amazon, both for price competitiveness and also to read the reviews.

When it comes to CBD though…Amazon has a strict stance against it.  Even though CBD derived from hemp is federally legal according to the 2018 US Farm Bill as long it contains less than 0.3% THC, Amazon has taken the position to ban all cannabis derived products due to the unregulated nature of the industry.

We completely understand their decision and their need to avoid the risk of some sellers not complying with the farm bill regulations. Amazon has no way of fully ensuring that the CBD products have less than 0.3% THC.

Lastly, Amazon is a global company, and with cannabis laws still in flux in many parts of the world, and even varying from state to state in the US, so by allowing CBD oil on Amazon, it would be too difficult for them to navigate the legal and political waters around cannabis derived products at this time.

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So, is There Any CBD Oil Amazon Does Carry?

While there may be some legitimate Amazon CBD products, you really don’t know what you’re getting so we would highly advise against purchasing CBD oil on Amazon until they have a process of vetting manufacturers and making sure the products are in compliance with all the legal restrictions around CBD.

Where Should You Buy CBD Oil?

Similar to our suggestion to not buy CBD oil on Amazon, please do not buy CBD products from your local vape shop or gas station!

Unfortunately, due to the lack of FDA regulation on CBD, there is a lot of misinformation out there as well as a lot of junk products… so doing your due diligence is important.

To purchase high-quality CBD products, you need to find a reputable company that can provide 3rd party lab tests to verify the potency and safety of their products.  Also, look for actual contents of CBD (cannabidiol) on the package as well as in the ingredients panel that specifies the “per serving” amount. You should also seek companies that create CBD using organically grown hemp in the USA and who use CO2 extraction process.

Tessera Naturals is committed to bringing the highest quality broad spectrum CBD oil to the market.  We will always maintain transparency and service first. We also want to ensure the safety of our customers and want to do our part to help you on your journey of health and wellness for life. Visit our Shop to review our products.

If you’re interested in trying CBD for the first time and not sure where to buy it or what to look for, read our Beginner’s Guide to CBD.

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon’s policy prohibits CBD products on their platform so you will not find reputable CBD oil products on Amazon.
  • While there are many “hemp oil” products listed on Amazon, they may not contain much, if any CBD.
  • Research is key when purchasing high-quality CBD oil from a reputable source.
  • Look for organically grown hemp, CO2 extraction process, and 3rd party lab tests to verify the CBD contents listed in the product.
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